Old, cranky, bald, grandfather, open minded people lover, can be vulgar, demanding, independent, drinks Scotch, beer and wine. Married to my 4th wife and she’s a keeper. Love the stock market, my dogs Coco and Daisy, my Beta fish “Max”, sports cars, football, steaks, hot dogs, pizza and sushi. Tolerate gays, but don’t get it.  Fine with lesbians, I get it.  Very hard-core Constitution and America loving Conservative.  Love Trump but not some of his antics.  Love Melania and Ivanka more!  (I’m old but I’m not dead.)


Totally oblivious to ethnicity, color, religion, culture, male, female, gay straight. If I see an opportunity to make fun or get a laugh out of someone for any reason, I will. I will not do anything to embarrass anyone, just make fun or funny comments. Nothing personal or prejudices, it’s just what I do.  For the records, the first women I lived with was black. My wives were English/Irish, Puerto Rican, French/Italian, and currently South Korean. Rich, poor, sophisticated and dumb, doesn’t matter.  As I said, no prejudices. And yes, I can take it as well as I can give it, so do your thing!


 I’ve been shut down by Twitter and Facebook and rejected by Google Ads many times.

I decided I wanted to post whatever was on my mind and needed a place to do it. My Facebook page, in spite of Facebook blocking me, is getting 100,000 post views a week proving people like the “anything goes” attitude.  The only thing that doesn’t go are very personal insults on a person or their family. Calling someone a “dumb fuck” is acceptable. But leave their families, particularly young children, out unless the family member is political.  Yes, I do have some ethics.