Was President Trump responsible for his supporters going to the capital and entering the halls to try to speak to Congress? Yes, he called for it and the American citizens that have prospered for the last four years, due solely to changes he made, went out to show solidarity for him.

Over the past four years, Trump has been “falsely” accused of tampering with the 2016 election, accused of Russian collusion and he’s been impeached. The Democrats, led by that crusty old bitch Nancy Pelosi, have not once conceded that he won the election in 2016 and basically refused to deal with him. The press, led by that fairy Don Lemon and scumbag Chris Cuomo, along with the NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, have all lied and spread any false story about Trump they could come up with, never giving him a bit of credit for all his accomplishments over the last 4 years. All social media outlets were against him and fought him for four years.

The mostly peaceful march on DC Wednesday came from a frustrated group of law-abiding American citizens that fully believe that the election was stolen from them and that Trump should still be their President. These citizens are fed up with the gross lies and accusations by the totally fucked up twisted press in this country and the sick, socialist, lying, lawless leaders of the Democratic party. They watched while their President was put down daily by a press and Democratic leaders that said he’d never accomplish anything, even while he was doing great things for the country. Who can blame “normal” people for finally speaking up? And by the way, , the Capital, Washington DC, is the property of and paid for by the taxpaying citizens of the United States, so they were not really trespassing.

I personally have mixed emotions about the comments by President Trump of the past few weeks and I do think he went overboard with some of them. He “NEVER” should have come down on VP Pense publicly. Pense is a good man and was doing what he thought was right. If Trump had kept quiet, more people may have sympathized with him over the election results and the purported cheating and fixing of ballots. The outcome may have been different if he stayed calm.

After fighting with myself about whether Trump was right or wrong with his rhetoric, it came to this: He was put down daily by a press and Democratic leaders that said he’d never accomplish anything, even while he was doing great things for the country. They never recognized him as President. How many people do you know that could have put up with the lies, accusations, insults for four years? Again, what he said about Pense was wrong and pissed me off.

The bottom line? After giving everything in the past a lot of thought, I don’t blame Trump for finally going off the deep end and lashing out. There is no justice left in this country, and unfortunately, under Biden it’s only going to get worse.

p.s. I just saw the she/he Michelle Obama just suggested the social media outlets ban Trump for life. If ugliness was a crime, Michelle would be put in jail for life! Disgusting bitch.