Did you see one of these phrases used when the  BLM and Antifa thugs attacked and burned a church in the Capital?  Did you see any of these phrases used when BLM and Antifa burned cities, robbed stores and beat innocent people? CNN and the Democrats called that “peaceful protesting!”  Democrats and the Press are nothing but twisted, fucked up, pathetic, lying brainless idiots.

The worse damage yesterday was a few broken windows.  The biggest tragedy was when a woman, Ashley Babbitt, a 14 year Air Force VET was murdered by the Capital police.    (More on this later.)

The despicable Democrats and Press are right about one phrase, OUTRIGHT REVOLUTION and I believe it will come and come quickly. If the country and the world learned one thing yesterday, it’s that the American citizens will only put up with so much and then they move. If the Dems try to start dictating to and running American Citizens lives, what they saw yesterday they’ll see nation wide until they’re run out of office.  Hopefully that’s sooner than later.