President (not my president) Biden gave the most divisive speech any US President has given since our last Civil War. He told half of the country that if we do not agree with his policies, we are anti-American and the enemy of the State. Personally, I’m an Independent, meaning I vote for whoever I think is the best candidate for a position, not for his or her party, so I guess that puts me in Biden’s anti-American column.

Republican and Independents understand that we are all Americans first, with our beliefs and party second to that. No, we don’t all agree all the time, but it does not make us enemy‚Äôs, nor do we hate each other, as Biden seems to believe.

We, Republican and Independents need to reach out to Democrats and let them know that, although “their” President threw half of Americans under the bus, we feel we are all family and we hold no animosity towards them. That no matter what their political beliefs are and although we may disagree, we are still one Country, we are all Americans.