I turned 80 a few days ago and was sitting back thinking about life in America when I was young and life in America today.  I’ve seen 15 different presidents in my time, some good, some bad. I’ve lived through some great times, and I’ve seen pretty scary times.  Wars, recessions, on and on. Most importantly, I’ve always had the pride of being an American citizen.

I joined the service when I was 20 years old prepared to fight for my country if necessary. JFK was president back then. Fidel Castro who had just taken over Cuba, was a communist, and friendly with Russia. Castro convinced Russia to send nuclear weapons to Cuba.  I was in the service for two days in Fort Dix and we were put on alert and told we may be going to war.  It scared the crap out of all of us but we were ready to do whatever had to be done to protect our country.  JFK circled Cuba with American warships and forced Russia to turn around and go back. It could’ve started World War III but JFK wasn’t about to let Russia put nukes in our backyard. I saw President Reagan push Russia out of Germany and force them take down the Berlin wall. I saw President Trump put Russia, China, North Korea and others on notice that the United States was not going to take any of their crap. I saw him eliminate Isis. When Syria was acting up, Trump told them one more move and they’d pay for it. They moved, he bombed them. Obama, Bidens boss did the opposite and kissed their asses, as Biden is doing. Obama’s entire presidency was about demeaning America and apologizing for America being a strong, wealthy country. Biden and the entire pack of anti-American democrats are doing the same.

America throughout my life has been the most respected, strongest and wealthiest country in the world. Our enemies were afraid of us and our allies loved us. None of these presidents would be bullied by any other country. None of these presidents will let America become dependent on Countries like China or allow our borders to be overrun with illegals and become a Third World country.   And along came Joe Biden and a band ruthless, ignorant, anti-American Democrats that have destroyed everything America stood for. Men are not men, women are not women, America’s no longer America and nobody in the world respects us anymore.

The worst of the worst came this week when President Xi of China demanded that Speaker Pelosi not visit Taiwan or we would suffer the consequences. JFK, Reagan, Trump, would’ve told President Xi  to shove it up his ass get a life. None of our past presidents would’ve allowed anybody to dictate to this country.   Except, of course, for Joe Biden. Biden is a scared, pathetic useless person that has taken this country to lowest point and its entire history. I’m shocked at how many Liberal Democrats in government are sitting back and allowing this to happen. On top of all this, Biden has shipped millions of gallons of oil to foreign countries, including China, while Americans are paying record high prices at the pumps.

No matter who runs for President in 2024, Democrat or Republican, black, white or anyone else, we all must make sure that person puts America and American citizens before anyone else.

At eighty years old I figure my time is getting short, but I worry about my grandchildren and the Country they’re going to grow up in if there isn’t a major change very quickly.